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Video Webinar Bromley

We have been working alongside Smith Stone Walters for a number of years now. Since the recent restrictions of 2020 during this pandemic we have been asked to help them with a set of webinars. The results have been incredibly well received, not only enhancing their online platform but also creating a usable online database of advice and guidance for clients and colleagues.

Here is a list of the equipment we use -


Sony PXW-Z280V

This is a brilliant 4K broadcast camera, perfect for this set up. With 2 direct XLR Audio inputs and the ability to hot shoe our Sony Audio Mic direct to camera, it really is ideal.


LG-600BCLK2 x2

For this simple set up, we chose to use these 2 simple LED key lights. Being able to use the ambient light from the room and match the lumin colour with these versatile LEDGO panels.


Sony UWP-D16

As mentioned above this mic receiver sits on the hot shoe of the Sony Camera and reduces the need for local XLR cabling. The native pack works off the bat with the Sony PXW.

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